Earlier this week I was interviewed by Cian O’Sullivan for GoMo News as part of the run-up to the Location Business Summit in San Jose. The interview is now up on the GoMo News site and is reproduced here with permission. Ovi Places: Mobile Navigation needs to knock down its brick walls When Ovi Maps […]

Stand with your back to the “looks like it’s built out of Lego” St. Gile’s development and you’ll see New Compton Street. Follow it for a while, running parallel to Shaftesbury Avenue and it comes to an abrupt end, due to someone building 125 Shaftesbury Avenue, which is also the Yahoo! London office, right across it. […]

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article on this blog that highlighted the issues around managing our digital identity. “Managing our digital identity through those sources we know about is a challenge for a significant percentage of the online population” Then this morning, (ex Yahoo!) Cathy Ma posted a link to her recent […]

“I’m just a face in the crowd, Nothing to worry about, Not even tryin’ to stand out, And I have nothing to say, It’s all been taken away, I just behave and obey” Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails, Getting Smaller Ten years ago our online identity, if we had one at all, was a simple […]

Ever since my MacBook Pro was upgraded to Mac Office 2008 I’d had appallingly slow app start up times, with hangs and delays of over 3 minutes being pretty much the order of the day. After some determined surfing this I’ve managed to dramatically improve my startup times to around 15 seconds by applying a […]

A product launch from Google is accompanied by a massive media campaign that reaches far beyond the techy demographic; Google is a consumer brand these days and their messaging generates headlines in both traditional and new media. This is a good thing; right? It’s certainly high profile messaging, Ted Dziuba writing in the UK based […]

With the Yahoo! Geo Technologies sponsored, London #geomob meetup coming up this week, this weekend I took a look at how many companies were actively using location within London. No easy task. After much web searching this weekend I took a trawl through those companies tagged as being in London in CrunchBase, the database of […]

It’s not original and it’s been done so many times before but … what’s in your dock and where is it? Mine’s at the bottom of the screen, hiding off, magnification off. On the left hand side there’s the the Finder, Dashboard, Mail, Firefox, Safari, Adium, Vienna, Address Book, iTunes and iCal. In the middle […]

While I was playing with AppleScript earlier this week I wanted to run a shell script I’d written from within Finder rather than from a shell prompt in On Windows I tend to write scripts to run under Cygwin and then write a wrapper batch file to run the script under the control of […]

One of my standard lunchtime reading web sites started me off on this; The Unofficial Apple Weblog got me reading an article on PC Magazine’s site about Argh! moments. That sort of moment when you try to do something really simple on OS X but find it isn’t. In this case, Robyn Peterson’s struggle to […]