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Forgive me; it’s been 5 conferences and 2 months since my last Deliciousness post and I offer this one up by way of atonement. Stamford Brook, Parr’s Ditch, Counter’s Creek … all part of the network of lost rivers beneath the streets of London. I grew up next to and played in one of them, […]

It’s been almost two weeks since one of these posts; I’ve been pretty much conferenced out, with FOWA London taking up a sizeable chunk of last week and the AGI’s GeoCommunity mopping up any spare time the week before that. The hallmark of any successful tech conference is appallingly bad wifi which, despite the best protestations […]

This week’s trawl through what appeared on the interwebs and made it into my Delicious bookmarks. The march towards all things bacon flavoured continues unabated; now you can get bacon (and mint) flavoured, err, mints and that get-you-going-in-the-morning first cup of coffee can now be bacon flavoured as well. Where’s this going to end? Mac OS X 10.6, AKA […]

A semi regular, almost weekly, trawl through the latest stuff on the interwebs bookmarked on Delicious. This fad for all things bacon flavoured is getting out of hand; a few weeks back it was bacon flavoured vodka and now you can get bacon flavoured lip balm. There’s lots of geeks in the United Kingdom; now you […]

This week’s selection of what caught my eye on the interwebs: After managing to acquire garygale.com I put up a personal site on the domain and cut down the subdomain proliferation that vicchi.org had acquired over the years, retiring blog.vicchi.org and where.vicchi.org amongst others. There’s no accounting for taste it seems and some people think […]