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The latest batch of social bookmarks from my Delicious stream: Hamburg airport + Lufthansa plane + storm = a flight I’d really prefer not to be on. Dennys publicise their Twitter stream only to discover that it’s not actually theirs and Dennys Hsieh in Taiwan gets a lot more attention than he bargained for. Geek […]

Today’s social bookmarking deliciousness, from down the back of the internet. Got a colleague who keeps wandering away from their desk and leaving their mobile phone behind, which then keeps on ringing? Maybe they need one of these signs left on their desk. Maybe. Fancy a challenge? How many times a day do you type […]

I have been remiss; it’s been over 3 months since my last Deliciousness. This needs to be remedied. I don’t usually take note of typography and font related stuff that much (leaving that to Tom Coates who oozes typography enthusiasm and love) but this post, on revisiting the font stack your blog or web site is essential reading. I […]

Yet again it’s been a while. But there’s stuff out there on the Internet you know. Considering he was a fictitious character set in 1880’s London, Arthur Conan Doyle certainly made sure that Sherlock Holmes got about; someone’s even displayed all of this on a map of London. Want an instant ergonomic desk? Let me rephrase that. […]

It’s been a while but odd, weird and even occasionally interesting stuff continues to fall down the back of the internet and gets captured in Delicious along the way. Here’s the pick of the last few weeks. Today I was caught red handed trying to blow up the world … mwah hah hah hah. A well known […]

It’s been almost two weeks since one of these posts; I’ve been pretty much conferenced out, with FOWA London taking up a sizeable chunk of last week and the AGI’s GeoCommunity mopping up any spare time the week before that. The hallmark of any successful tech conference is appallingly bad wifi which, despite the best protestations […]

Look at all of this stuff that fell down the back of the internet and got lodged in my Delicious bookmarks … Posterous recently gained themes and Twitter lost the background and avatar settings for lots of accounts, mine included.  Need to write München, Côte or Café with proper accents while on a Mac? Easy when you know how. If you live […]

The end of the week, semi regular, hand selected, carefully edited snapshot of what made it into my Delicious bookmarks this week. Last week I blogged about my experiences with an electronic boarding pass, hosted on my iPhone, while travelling home from Amsterdam’s Schipol airport. Cult of Mac came across it, liked it, and used it as […]

This week’s trawl through my Delicous bookmarks. Actually this is last week’s trawl but real life got in the way of posting and I beg your indulgence. Last week, Snow Leopard, AKA Mac OS X 10.6 was released though some places seem to now be selling an even more advanced version, Mac OS X 15.6. I […]

A semi regular, almost weekly, trawl through the latest stuff on the interwebs bookmarked on Delicious. This fad for all things bacon flavoured is getting out of hand; a few weeks back it was bacon flavoured vodka and now you can get bacon flavoured lip balm. There’s lots of geeks in the United Kingdom; now you […]