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March the 5th 2013 marked the 501st birthday of Gerardus Mercator, whose map projection appears on virtually every web map you’ll find on the interwebs today. It appears he’s none too happy about the lack of royalties on this and so I felt compelled to use a projection for my next map which wasn’t Mercator’s. […]

As children we all learn the hard way that gravity sucks though a succession of scraped and bruised knees and elbows. We probably also learned in physics lessons that there’s the gravitational constant, denoted by a capital G. But what I certainly didn’t learn was that while gravity sucks, it doesn’t suck consistently. In fact, […]

It’s been a while but odd, weird and even occasionally interesting stuff continues to fall down the back of the internet and gets captured in Delicious along the way. Here’s the pick of the last few weeks. Today I was caught red handed trying to blow up the world … mwah hah hah hah. A well known […]

It’s been almost two weeks since one of these posts; I’ve been pretty much conferenced out, with FOWA London taking up a sizeable chunk of last week and the AGI’s GeoCommunity mopping up any spare time the week before that. The hallmark of any successful tech conference is appallingly bad wifi which, despite the best protestations […]