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Apropos of nothing in particular, this is the first of an occasional series of posts which contain nothing more than maps that I like as I peruse the Interwebs. First up is a map of Berlin. In English. So now I can say to myself so that’s what Prenzlauer Berg, Tiergarten and Kreuzberg mean; in […]

Consider for a moment the word unlimited; it’s an adjective and, if you’ll pardon the condescension, it means the following: not limited; unrestricted; unconfined boundless; infinite; vast without any qualification or exception; unconditional Except in the world of mobile data or mobile broadband, where unlimited means, in a vaguely disturbing twisted, inverted, doublespeak sort of […]

I’ve never been a massive fan of Crowded House but 1991’s Four Seasons in One Day could have been written with this weekend’s weather in mind. We started with Winter (cold, wet, miserably damp), followed by Spring (heavy showers, glorious sunshine and the odd rainbow or two), followed by Summer (clear blue skies). Then this morning, […]