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I have learnt four things over the past year or so. One. The iPhone 3’s glass was scratch resistant but not dropping-onto-a-stone-floor resistant. Two. I am clumsy. Three. The iPhone 4’s glass was scratch resistant but not dropping-onto-a-pavement resistant. Four. I am still clumsy. Written and posted from the Nokia gate5 office in Schönhauser Allee, […]

In May of this year, Nokia announced the retirement of the Ovi brand and the observant map watchers amongst you may have noticed that pointing your browser of choice at maps.ovi.com now automagically redirects you to the new, shiny maps.nokia.com. What you may not have noticed is that Nokia maps doesn’t just work on your […]

More a meta post, or what Kuro5hin would have called MLP (meaningless link propagation), this post started out as a comment to one of my previous posts on the iOS location caching controversy but soon expanded way beyond a comment into a full blown post. Firstly, let’s get the conspiracy theory out of the way; […]

Two days ago I wrote about the “discovery” of a cache file on iOS devices that stores the position of cell towers and the associated media coverage surrounding this. Note that I use “discovery” in inverted commas here. As Sally Applin pointed out in a comment on my previous post, this “discovery” is not new […]

Oh dear. For a few years now I’ve been talking about how the privacy aspect of today’s location technologies is something that may just catapult location into the mainstream, and possibly tabloid, media and probably for the wrong reasons. I envisaged this as being something salacious and potentially titillating, such as two Z List celebrities […]

Regular visitors to the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Internet that is my blog may be aware that I use WordPress as a blogging platform. Those visitors who come here via a browser on a phone may even be aware that WordPress automagically presents a mobile friendly version of the site. This […]

The problems started the moment GPS became a commodity and made the transition from the car to the mobile device. Nowadays, GPS can be found in a vast range of smartphones and navigation is possible without being confined to your car. Of course, it’s not always a great experience. GPS works best when there’s a […]

Want to upload photos to multiple social networking and photo sharing sites, such as Flickr and Twitpic? There’s an app for that. Pixelpipe seems to work for me. Want to update your status on multiple social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook? There’s an app for that. Tweetdeck seems to work for me. Want […]

I take a lot of photos, most of which end up on my Flickr photo stream. While some of them are taken with a proper camera  (though some would say that my Lumix FX12 isn’t a proper camera), most of them are taken with my iPhone, which doesn’t take great pictures but takes pictures which […]

We all suffer from SPAM, the unwanted and unsolicited commercial bulk emails that are the reason we have Junk Mail filters and folders in our email clients and servers. A quick glance at the Junk folder for my personal email account shows over 300 of these since the beginning of February alone. If you use some […]