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It’s been a while but odd, weird and even occasionally interesting stuff continues to fall down the back of the internet and gets captured in Delicious along the way. Here’s the pick of the last few weeks. Today I was caught red handed trying to blow up the world … mwah hah hah hah. A well known […]

Think about the following three scenarios for a moment … Scenario One. You go to a conference. It doesn’t matter where or what the topic is but you turn up because you’ve been invited or because you’ve paid to attend. Breakfast is included in the conference package. There’s 400 people attending the conference but when […]

(This post was originally written for the Yahoo! Developer Network blog and was published there on October 5th; it’s duplicated here for posterity.) You’re stuck in a room on the first floor of a venue with no natural light, people keep expressing surprise that you’re there, there’s a bizarre voucher system operating for getting a cup of […]

More intriguing, interesting and just plain bonkers stuff from the information hose pipe we call the internet: Starting off with a serious note, Ed Parsons, my opposite number at Google, wrote a great blog post on the knots that data licensing can tie you up in and why you end up paying more for a […]