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Dot Emacs

Emacs is almost infinately customisable; a fact I didn't really get to grips with this fact untill I found myself on a Fedora Core box a while back with a net connection but without my favourite set of keyboard short cuts. This really brought home how just a few simple customisations can come to be relied upon.

Determined never to be caught short in such a manner again I decided to make my .emacs permanently available, providing I have a net connection that is.

Fire Extinguished By Adium

After running with Fire as my primary IM app for the best part of a year, its finally been usurped by Adium. After running the two in parallel I found I liked the cleaner interface of Adium over that of Fire. I'd tried Adium in the past and found I couldn't take an app with a cute little duck as a mascot seriously, but Adium just seems more polished than Fire and seems to be vastly more customisable.