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2010 - A Year In Numbers

Here in the UK we track the passage of the days, weeks, months and years according to the Gregorian calendar and it's now less than 48 hours before the monotonically increasing number that is the year clicks over to 2011. Of course, whilst widely used, the Gregorian calendar isn't the only type of calendar in active use; 2011 will also be 5772 for followers of the Hebrew date, 1433 for the Islamic date and 1390 for the Persian date. That's not taking into account the Mayan Long Count, the Bahá'í date or UNIX epoch. But I digress.

2010's been quite a year for me and as the remainder of this year slowly ticks away, it's time to wrap up the past 12 (Gregorian) months. But rather than the usual write up, I thought I'd indulge the inner geek in me and review the year in number form, which, in no particular order, looks something like this.