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Deliciousness: USB dogs, children on espresso, recursion and Twitter spammers

acquire I put up a personal site on the domain and cut down the subdomain proliferation that had acquired over the years, retiring and amongst others.
  • There's no accounting for taste it seems and some people think it's cute to have a small plastic dog humping the USB port of your laptop.
  • Flavoured vodka; I can understand lemon, orange, vanilla and even chilli versions but bacon flavoured vodka?
  • Possibly the best sign ever; "unattended children will be fed espresso and given a puppy".
  • In order to define recursion we must first define recursion; Google demonstrates the principle of recursion by offering to look up recursion when searching for recursion.
  • Twitter corrected follower counts by deleting spammer's accounts; I lost 100 followers overnight and the twitter-sphere howled in anguish.
  • This week's selection of what caught my eye on the interwebs: