Conspiracy Theory … Or Not?

Last week I suffered a major hardware failure. We're talking catastrophic failure here; a drive which does nothing but emit plaintive clicking noises and which won't even show up in the BIOS.

The drive which failed hosts this web site. Backup? Well, you're amongst the poor deluded few who actual read this, so yes there was a backup.

This is good.

What's not so good is that this drive was also home to my humungous media collection.

Which is over 100 GB in size.

Which I have no way of backing up.

Which is not good.

So new hardware is on order and on the way. Which is good. I have a way of recovering almost all of the lost data. Which is good.

So where's the conspiracy ...

The drive crashed when I was right in the middle of my RHCE certification exam. The drive was on a Debian system.

They're made conspiracies out of less.

Gary Gale

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