This Week’s Musings

Two ways to make money. The first, find a stray rabbit and ransom it on the net; give me $50,000.000 or I eat the rabbit. If you've got any spare cash then Toby's owner would love to hear from you.

The second way is software licenses. Windows licenses to be exact. Microsoft has finally started to come clean on its strategy of licensing Windows. Which you can read about in all of its patronising glory here. Or you can read another version of the same information here. Which would be funny if it wasn't so damn accurate.

The bottom line is, want to run Windows cough up your cash. Cough it up quickly in a large sum or more slowly in smaller sums, it's all the same. Time to start thinking about making a business case for Linux or BSD.

From the there's nothing you can't sell on eBay department comes the sale of an XBox Box for only £72.00. Err, that's a box. Not the games console, but the box one came in. Mind you, the instructions are pristine so that makes it all OK.

And while I'm on the topic of eBay, there's a wife who's made her husband shave his, err, more private regions and, of course, he's put the end result up for sale.

Let's gloss over the issue of exactly why anyone would want to but this for a moment. But why, please, did hs wife tell him to?

Book of the week is Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln's The Messianic Legacy. Hmmm. If you're expecting The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail Part 2 the you may be disappointed. Tedious is the word that springs to mind. But I'll wait to finish it 'till I cast the final verdict.

Album of the week is Jurgen Vries' Trance Revolution. Old school, toe tapping, hand waving, glow stick ... err ... glowing trance. Nothing but sheer genius on a CD. The first four tracks alone are a salient example of how to transition flawlessly wildly differing tunes. Bloody wonderful.

Gary Gale

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