My Desk, Part 2

My desk(s) at home, in the office. Actually, we're being polite here and we call it the office so as not to offend it; actually it's one side of the loft room - hence the 45 degree angle of the ceilings in some of the photos.

And so, in a clockwise direction we have an Apple eMac, with 512 Mb of memory and running OS X Panther.

To be honest this isn't ours, it belongs to a friend and I'm in the process of upgrading it to run OS X Tiger.

To be really honest I haven't actually started upgrading it yet but I will real soon now. Promise.

eMac Lurking beneath the desk but not in it's little cubby hole is a Dell Dimension 8100 with 512 Mb of memory, running Windows XP Pro, SP2. If you squint, there's also an HP PhotoSmart photo printer on the shelf between the eMac and the Dell box.

Dell Dimension 8200

Continuing clockwise and zooming back up to the desk (Argos' finest by the way), there's the sole remaining part of an old Gateway2000 system I used to have, a rebadged Sony Trinitron 21" colour telly, sorry, monitor, which now drives the Dell Dimention, plus the ever present Microsoft PS/2 wheel mouse and there's a Dell USB keyboard there as well.

Gateway Vivitron 21

Moving on, there's the rack, part one. This one contains, err, I'm not actually sure what these machines are. They were custom built kit for a previous employer which then got obsoleted, thrown away, rescued, rebuilt a bit and pressed into service by yours truly. They're 150 MHz Pentium 2's with 900 and 300 odd Mb of memory and are based on an Intel motherboard. Oh, and they're my mail server and firewall as well. There's also a KVM, an old 15" NEC MultiSync monitor, my cable modem, a Netgear Switch and an old NetGear Wireless AP in there somewhere.

The Rack

Ah yes, the rack part two, AKA the storage rack. Full of stuff which i haven't quite worked out what to do with yet. Bit of a mixed bag to be honest. There's an old Sun SPARCstation LX and it's rather lovely 19" monitor. There's a Digital Alpha workstation. There's also a couple of monitors, one of which is the console for ...

The Store Rack

... this system, lurking coyly in the corner, which is a 1 GHz AMD Athlon with 750 Mb of memory and a lot of disk space which is my web server and media server.

Musica Lurks

The observant will also have noticed the boxes for an iBook and an Apple Mouse. Call me a hoarder but I just can't part with Apple's packaging, which is a work of art in itself.

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