Lists Don’t Need To Be Essential

A lot of blogs have lists of essential things and sheep like, I've done the same for my take on apps, one list for the Mac and another for Windows.

Which is all fine and good.

But it's nice when you see a different take on this sort of list genre and these two lists caught my eye and attention today:

The wonderfully named 43folders has a take on apps to reduce your daily distraction on a Mac although some of the comments are a bit severe including one poster who suggested modifying your system so you could only surf certain web sites during your working day. Surely the whole point is it's your computer and besides, whatever happened to self control?

On a slightly different note Heading East lists 10 Mac apps which you shouldn't be without and which aren't common sights on people's top 10 lists. While there's a few Safari plugins, which aren't too much use to me as I use Firefox as my browser of choice, and a mention of Flip4Mac which I've included in my list, there's a couple of gems I'd not heard of such as Applejack and Witch, which especially appeals to the keyboard jockey which lurks deep inside.

Gary Gale

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