Do You Know These People?

I get spam email; so does everyone I know with an email address. My mail client of choice is currently Apple's and this includes a Bayesian junk mail filtering system which, after a bit of training, is very effective.

About once a week I check my junk mail folder. Just in case. There's one spammer who seems to think that a ficticious name, made up of real words, will get past people's filters. Naive and touching. But occasionally you see some classic names. Here's the latest bunch in my junk mail folder.

  • Inner. T. Windiest
  • Costly. V. Property
  • Procession. T. Somme
  • Shagginess. K. Acutest
  • Recurring. V. Husbanding
  • Paperweight. V. Savant
  • Dreamiest. K. Loopy
  • Icurably. E. Methodists
Gary Gale

I'm Gary ... a Husband, Father, CTO at Kamma, geotechnologist, map geek, coffee addict, Sci-fi fan, UNIX and Mac user