Visual Cues In OS X

After working on a Mac full time for almost a year, I've come to realise that OS X provides you with a lot of nice visual cues which greatly enhance the usability of the system. Here's a nice example I came across the other day; take a loook at this screen grab of a window.

A Window

Here's another one, but what's the difference?

Another Window

The contents of the second window have changed, although it might not be immediately apparent. If you look at the window close control in the top right hand corner you should see that the second window's close control has a black dot in the centre; this indicates that if you try to close the window you'll be prompted to save or discard your changes.

This is a very neat feature which is so unobtrusive that it belies the thought which has obviously gone into the design of But it's not just this app, so far I haven't found a document centric OS X app that doesn't offer this feature.

Gary Gale

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