My Desk, Part 3

New job, new desk, therefore new hardware. When my day job took place at FormScape my desk was somewhat cluttered; a case of more is more.

Since then I've moved on and my working hours are now occupied by a division of Yahoo! and we're definitely in the less is more category where desks are concerned..

Nice new shiny MacBook Pro

I'd never found any issues with speed or overall responsiveness when using my trusty G4 iBook but compared to the MacBook Pro my iBook definately feels sluggish. With 1 GB of SDRAM and a 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo this machine is as fast and responsive as it's visually gorgeous. So far I've had none of the fan or heat issues that other MacBook Pro owners have been afflicted with. According to Coconut Identity Card, the machine is a very recent build so let's hope that the MacBook Pro's teething issues are as an end. MacBook Pro's Identity Card

Gary Gale

I'm Gary ... a Husband, Father, CTO at Kamma, geotechnologist, map geek, coffee addict, Sci-fi fan, UNIX and Mac user