What’s In Your Dock?

It's not original and it's been done so many times before but ... what's in your dock and where is it? Mine's at the bottom of the screen, hiding off, magnification off. The Dock - the left hand bit On the left hand side there's the the Finder, Dashboard, Mail, Firefox, Safari, Adium, Vienna, Address Book, iTunes and iCal.

The Dock - the middle bit

In the middle there's Terminal, SSH Tunnel Manager, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, OmniGraffle Professional, OmniOutliner, FastTrack Schedule, Xcode and System Preferences.

The Dock - the right hand bit

Finally, on the right hand side, there's Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, Cisco VPN Client, iSync, smcFanControl, Think and VMWare Fusion.

So there.

Gary Gale

I'm Gary ... a Husband, Father, CTO at Kamma, geotechnologist, map geek, coffee addict, Sci-fi fan, UNIX and Mac user