The Album Cover Meme

Twitter can expand your horizons or just make wasting time a pleasure; here's a good example thanks to @SianySianySiany - the Album Cover meme.

Album Cover Art?

It's devastingly simple. Here's how it works:

First you need a name for your band or group. Fire up Wikipedia, click on "Random article" or on this link: The title of the random article is your band name.

Next you'll need a name for your band's breakthrough album. Go to, click on "Random Quotes" or on this link: The last four or five words of the last quote on the page are your album's title.

Two down, one to go; you need some album art. Go to Flickr, click on "Explore" and then on "Last 7 Days Interesting" or on this link: The third picture is your album artwork.

Now use a graphics package to put them all together. If you're a Flickr member you can use Picnik or you can use something like Photoshop or if you're on a Mac you can use Pixelmator.

And here, in all its glory is the album cover for the groundbreaking and seminal Would Have Confused Einstein by Securities Industry Automation Corporation. I don't know about you but it looks vaguely Kraftwerk-ian, Vangelis-ish or Tangerine Dream-y to me.

Credits to uniB for Questionable, which is the most amazing photo of Chamonix and to for "a stitch in time would have confused Einstein".

Gary Gale

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