Deliciousness: yet more bacon, Snow Leopard, Hitchhiker's, WhereCamp Europe, under your feet and shell scripts for your baby.

This week's trawl through what appeared on the interwebs and made it into my Delicious bookmarks. The march towards all things bacon flavoured continues unabated; now you can get bacon (and mint) flavoured, err, mints and that get-you-going-in-the-morning first cup of coffee can now be bacon flavoured as well. Where's this going to end? * Mac OS X 10.6, AKA Snow Leopard, got officially released today. Some people rushed out, bought it and installed it. But as ever, there's some compatibility problems, not the least of which (for me at least) is that the Cisco VPN client may (or may not) work properly. It's also for Intel based Macs only so a lot of PowerPC based Mac owners are going to be sad. * First reviews of the new Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy book, not written by Douglas Adams on account of him being dead, find it "not really funny" and "less a case of So Long And Thanks For All The Fish and more a case of So Long And Thanks For All The Money*". * #wherecamp, the geogeeks (un)conference of choice, is coming to Europe in the form of the aptly named #WhereCampEU. Naturally, I'll be there. * While walking into Soho, I found one of London's lost streets right under my feet. Literally. * And finally, real men don't rock their child to sleep, they write a shell script to do it for them.

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