Is AGI Short for "Ahh, Got (Any) Inspiration"?

So next week is GeoCommunity '09, the annual conference for the Association of Geographic Information and everyone's getting thoroughly excited at the prospect of putting the word "geo" in front of everything, including georant, geobeer (although only in half measures for some reason), geochat and conference chair Steven Feldman's personal favourite, geolagavulin.

This probably won't be news to a lot of people as I've written about it on my personal blog as well as the Yahoo! Geo Technologies one and I'll be there as well. I may have overstretched myself a little bit though as I'm now just about drained of inspiration. On the Wednesday, I'm on the "Privacy; where do we care?" panel from 4.00 PM onwards taking a pro location sharing, pro opting in and pro privacy controls position and then I'll be loitering around Speaker's Corner, or the bar as it's more commonly known, for the Soapbox sessions where I'll be georanting about "Neo this and paleo that ... it's all just Geo" before beating a hasty retreat back to the bar to seek solace in a geobeer. Then on the Thursday, I'll be on the Geoweb track and giving a talk to accompany my "Know Your Place; Adding Geographic Intelligence to your Content" paper. Snappy title that, but nowhere near as snappy as Martin Daly's talk on "Human Sacrifice, Dogs and Cats Living Together and Mass Hysteria", which deserves an award for title alone. I'll be blogging about all of this geomadness here, be updating and throwing quotes around on Twitter via the usual @vicchi account with the official #geocom hashtag and lurking in the back of the conference rooms looking for power to replenish my laptop which will have been justifiably drained with all this geosocial networking activity. Posted via email from Gary's Posterous

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