Geotagged at Yahoo! London office (51.5141985,-0.1292006)

Winter, Followed by Spring and Back to Winter Again

I've never been a massive fan of Crowded House but 1991's Four Seasons in One Day could have been written with this weekend's weather in mind. We started with Winter (cold, wet, miserably damp), followed by Spring (heavy showers, glorious sunshine and the odd rainbow or two), followed by Summer (clear blue skies).

Centre Point against an (almost) Spring sky

Then this morning, we returned back to Winter again, complete with breath misting in front of your face, frozen puddles on the station platform and people ignoring the frozen puddles and ending up resplendently sprawled on the platform.

Winter returns to the morning commute.

Blogging about the weather ... how very English.

Gary Gale

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