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Genius or Desperation?

I'm sorry Facebook but your ad targeting systems are wildly inaccurate and reduce that valuable screen estate to the right hand side of my browser window to irrelevant line noise. Google's and Yahoo's ad targeting is pretty darn good but looking at Facebook right now offers me:

  • Omniture Research; which Obama used, apparently.
  • Free laptop from Vodafone Business; I'm not self employed so a business tariff is a non starter.
  • Everyone plays Mafia Wars; except me and most of my friends.

So when I do actually look at a Facebook ad, it's because it's caught my attention, like this gem from the Royal Mail.

You already have the LP, the CD and the MP3 ... now get the Collectible Stamp.

Royal Mail Classic Album Covers Facebook Ad

A click through yields the latest campaign from the Royal Mail which exhorts us to buy stamps (but not use them, but to collect them instead, at least I think that's the premise) which reflect the classic albums we already own in a variety of formats (but what about 8 track or cassette tape?).

Royal Mail Classic Album Covers Ad

Given the amount of competition the Royal Mail faces and the fact that 25% of First Class letters fail to arrive on time, I'm not sure whether this latest ad campaign smacks of genius or of desperation.

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