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Curiously Cartographic Creations #1 - The Tourist Tube Map

London seems to have gone ever so slightly maps crazy of recent. Not only is there the Magnificent Maps exhibition opening at the British Library at the end of this month but BBC4 has joined in with two documentary series on the subject, Maps: Power, Plunder and Possession and The Beauty of Maps.

It's all very geotastic ...

One of the themes that threads through both the BBC4 series is that a map says as much about the fears, hopes, dreams and prejudices of its target audience as it does about the relationship of places on the surface of the Earth. Nowhere could this be more ably demonstrated in some of the bookmarks that have been appearing in my delicious stream over the past year or two ...

First in this occasional series is the Tourist Tube Map. It's the iconic, Harry Beck, design of the London Underground map. Or is it?

Some of those stations don't look like they're in the right place ... and can you really get free admission to the Elephant and Castle?

Tourist Tube Map

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