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WP Biographia Hits v2.1.1 In Time For Christmas

WP Biographia's always had the ability to suppress the display of the plugin's Biography Box for all users; unfortunately that's been accomplished by simply not installing the plugin. But judging from requests on the WordPress forums as well as emails hitting my Inbox, suppressing the display of the Biography Box for some users ranks highest on the list of requested features.

So it's good to be able to say that as of v2.1.1 of the plugin, you can now do this and v2.1.1 is now live and able to be downloaded from GitHub as well as from within WordPress or via the WordPress plugin repository.


As well as supporting the latest v3.3 version of the WordPress core, the complete list of changes for this latest version of the plugin is ...

  • Add ability to suppress the Biography Box from being displayed on posts, on pages and on posts and pages on a per user basis
  • Add settings link to Settings / WP Biographia admin page from the plugin's entry on the Dashboard / Plugins page
  • Add checks for avatar display in the Biography Box being requested with avatar support not enabled in the Settings / Discussions admin page
  • Add Help & Support sidebar box to Settings / WP Biographia admin page
  • Handle upgrades to configuration settings gracefully; fixed bug that didn't persist unused/unchanged configuration settings
  • Cleaned up the wording for the Settings / WP Biographia admin page and made terminology consistent across all configurable options
  • Tweaked admin CSS to introduce padding between the settings container and sidebar container that changed in WordPress 3.3

As always, the WP Biographia home page has the full details. Consider this, if you will, an early visit from Santa. What's next for the plugin? Internationalisation is probably on the cards as well as converting the plugin to use classes and not a simple set of WordPress PHP functions; but all of that will have to wait until after the Holiday season. Photo Credits: Sam. D. on Flickr.

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