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Transatlantic Telephone Call (On A Plane)

Late last year I wrote, with childish and geekish joy, about onboard wifi on Virgin America. This year, on my first trip of the year to the US, I discovered another item which elicited the same reaction.

There's some things that you expect to see when you're on a plane somewhere over the Atlantic ocean. Firstly you expect to see a map of where you are ...

Secondly, if you look out of the window, you expect to see the ocean below, through a gap in the clouds and through the ice crystals on the window ...

But what you don't expect to see, is a mobile phone which isn't only not in flight safe mode, but is also actively connected to a mobile network.

But that's what you get these days on Virgin Atlantic. Granted it's a plain old GSM connection, voice calls and SMS only but it's great for not feeling so isolated when you're away from home and from family.

So not only will I maybe only write blog posts on from airplanes these days, but maybe I will only make phone calls from airplanes these days too.

Gary Gale

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