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Finally WP Biographia v3.0 Makes It Off Of The Starting Blocks

It's taken a while but I just did this ...

$ rsync --recursive --verbose --exclude '.git' \* ~/Projects/svn/wp-biographia/trunk/
$ svn up
$ svn stat
$ svn ci -m 'Updating with v3.0 changes from master on github'
$ svn cp trunk tags/3.0
$ svn ci -m 'Tagging v3.0'

... and after much coding, rewriting, testing and documenting, v3.0 of WP Biographia has finally made it off of the starting blocks.

As per usual, you can read the change log here, grab the source here, or download it here.

But what I really want to say, right here, is what you'll find in the Acknowledgements side bar after you've installed the latest version.

The fact that you're reading this wouldn't have been possible without the help, bug fixing, beta testing, gentle prodding and overall general warmth and continued support of Travis Smith and Bruce Munson. Travis and Bruce ... you're awesome. Thank you.

Photo Credits: tableatny on Flickr.

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