Geotagged at Nokia House Berlin, Invalidenstraße, Berlin (52.53105,13.38521)

Through The (Boutique Hotel) Window

There are many things I've learnt through staying in hotels in Berlin. Firstly and most importantly, I miss my family terribly. Secondly, whenever you see a hotel described as boutique it seems to mean interesting interior design that you might like to see in a magazine but which you probably wouldn't want to live with and bathrooms where the key feature seems to be that they don't need walls and you can literally roll out of your bed and straight into the shower; literally and hopefully not by accident. Thirdly, I never seem to tire of the sight of Berlin's Fernsehturm or TV Tower.

This week I'm staying in the Arcotel Velvet, a self proclaimed boutique hotel. Interesting interior design? Check. Floor to ceiling panoramic windows? Check. Wall-less bathroom? Thankfully not.

But it does have a balcony with a view of the Fernsehturm and the Berliner Dom, which looks rather fine in the early dawn. I still miss my family though.

Gary Gale

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