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The London Tube Map Made (Too) Simple

This is post number six in the ongoing #mapgasm series of posts on maps found on the interwebs that I like. Yes, it's another map. Yes, it's another Tube map. I make no apologies for this.

A simple map is often a good map. Cutting away cartographical clutter can reveal the heart of what a map is trying to show. But sometimes you can maybe take the map pruning just a little bit too far. Take the map of the London Underground; surely one of the simplest and more effective maps there is. Surely there's not much scope for making it any simpler?

So Hugh Grant is Notting Hill Gate. Dinosaurs is South Kensington. France is King's Cross St. Pancras and Wax Celebs is Baker Street. But the meaning of XXL eludes me. What is it at Waterloo or Southwark stations that justifies the Extra Extra Large tag?

A tip of the hat goes to Jonathan Raper for spotting this in Adam Lilley's Tweet-stream.

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