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Are You A Map Maker, A Map Builder, A Map Scripter Or A Map Creator?

These days there's so many ways that you can make a map. You can use a Javascript Maps API and put push pins on a slippy map. You can take vector data, transform it into JSON and use a different Javascript API to make an SVG map. You can load data from pretty much any source into either a desktop GIS or a visualisation tool. The possibilities are endless; maybe more endless than you might first assume.

Thierry Gregorius has helpfully put together a cut out and keep guide to which type of mapper you are.

Map Maker Types

There's no one size fits all classification here; I'm probably type 4 (The GMT Map Maker), type 5 (The D3 Map Maker) and type 9 (The Native Map Maker) in pretty much equal measures, verging into type 3 (The R Map Maker) and with delusions of being slightly type 1 (The GIS Map Maker). Which types are you?

Photo Credits: Thierry Gregorius on Flickr.

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