How To Order Your First Holiday Beer? With A Map Of Course

Luckily and to paraphrase the mantra of there’s an app for that, there’s also a map for that. Whether it’s beer, bier, cerveza, pivo, birra or øl, this handy guide to beer throughout Europe and its environs will help you get that first cold beer of the holiday into your hands.


A tip of the hat and a cheers on Untappd is due to Sitaram Shashri for sending yet another mapping gem my way.

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Written by Gary

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Michael Cottle

Great post Gary. Very useful for my travels.

Harry Wood

We need to be able to zoom out and pan around to see the whole world, also zoom in to reveal some more detail. For example there’s the whole sentence. How to ask for “a” beer, please. Plus there’s different types and sizes of beers and certain local customs, for example where I used to live near Zurich they have the general word “bier” of course, but at the bar they generally order “Ein stange”.

…hmmm. This could get very complicated.


Sadly it’s a static image, though if you click through on the map to there’s a larger PNG and PDF of the map. Still no interactivity though. Someone could always knock one up though (hint, hint) … ?

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