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New Vaguely Rude Places Map Base Map Tiles

The Vaguely Rude Places Map has had a minor behind-the-scenes update. Here, look at it in all its profane geospatial glory.

Vaguely Rude Places Map

What do you mean it looks exactly the same? Well it does and that's the whole point. Since launch, the map has used Stamen's Toner basemap tiles as the default map. But hosting tiles costs money ... a lot of money and so Stamen has transitioned over to Stadia Maps for hosting their map tiles. After an initial two year grant from the Knight Foundation in 2010 Stamen has incurred between $100K to $200K a year hosting costs but their maps live on and the Vaguely Rude Places Map has just migrated over to the new tile servers.

Nothing else has changed and the map still looks exactly the same. Fingers crossed that the map doesn't go viral (again) and I reach the free hosting limits.

Gary Gale

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