It Should Be Wrong …

I used to have a home made anti-stress ball, consisting of a flour filled balloon; it was made for me by one of the French students currently on industrial placement at work. I say used to as one of my colleagues managed to break it, which at least proved it really was a balloon filled with flour. Which is a shame as I was rather fond of it.

But then whilst out on a trip the self same student found this.


Looks fairly innocuous doesn’t it? If you pick it up it feels slightly … icky, but not alarming.


Until you squeeze it …


How can something so wrong be so compelling? This video clip  demonstrates better than words ever can.Merci bien Roland!

Written by Gary

A self-professed map addict, Gary has worked in the mapping and location space for over 20 years through a combination of luck and occasional good judgement. Gary is co-founder of Malstow Geospatial, which provides handmade, professional geospatial consulting. A Fellow of the RGS, he tweets about maps, writes about them...
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Je savais que ca te plairai, comment ne pas pensser a Gary quand on vois cela dans une boutique.

Enjoy with it, and I hope I will not be here when it will explode


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