Bilbo Spams My Inbox

As fast as an anti-spam mechanism appears on the net, the spammers try to find a way to circumvent it; recently I wrote about the attempt of spammers to try and create realistic sounding names in an attempt to bypass spam filters with unintentionally amusing results.

The latest weapon in the spammers arsenal seems to be inserting passages from works of popular fiction into mails in an attempt to defeat natural language heuristic checks, with passages from Tolkein's The Hobbit seeming to be a firm favourite, judging by the contents of my Junk Mail folder.

beeches came right down to the bank, till their feet were in the stream.
Across this bridge the elves thrust their prisoners, but Bilbo hesitated
in the rear. He did not at all like the look of the cavern-mouth and he
only made up his mind not to desert his friends just in time to scuttle
over at the heels of the fast elves, before the great gates of the king
closed behind them with a clang. Inside the passages were lit with red


Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away, ere break of day,
To find our long-forgotten gold.
Bilbo went to sleep with that in his ears,
and it gave him very uncomfortable dreams.
It was long after the break of day, when he woke up.

How long until they bore of The Hobbit and move onto The Silmarillion or The Lord Of The Rings one wonders?

Gary Gale

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