Your Coffee And You

As a direct follow on from Thierry Gregorius’ helpful guide to work out what the tools you use to make maps say about you, I offer up, courtesy of the Doghouse Diaries, another helpful guide. This time it’s what your coffee says about you.


Personally, I think there’s another personality type that’s missing from this valuable piece of sociological insight. The explanation goes You love maps as much as you love coffee. You’re searching for the perfect espresso to complement the production of your next map masterpiece. But I’m still unsure whether it needs to be filed under Long Black or Quadruple Espresso.

And if that’s not enough, from the wonderful Pleated Jeans, comes a breakdown of all of the type of coffee that are around, as well as a few that are not.

types-of-coffee-1 types-of-coffee2 types-of-coffee3 types-of-coffee4

The normal, mostly map related stuff will be resumed in my next post, until then have a great weekend.

A virtual double espresso is due to Mark Evans, he of GeoLoco fame, for bringing this coffee madness and wonderment to my attention.

Image credits: Doghouse Diaries and Pleated Jeans.
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I have always assumed that an Americano was a drink invented by a snobby French barista who regards the buyer with disdain (is this redundant with being French?) and thinks to himself Thees stoopid American canno drink our naace Franch espresso so I moost add some water for the leettle girly man” .


re: White coffee NOT in America, here’s a story I posted earlier (paraphrasing):
Jet-lagged in Salt Lake City airport Hilton. Sit down for breakfast straight off the plane from London via Tampa. Not even noticing the waitress to ask for a white coffee. She rustles her notepad and flicks her pen. I finally notice the largest Black woman. Tells me with the broadest southern accent: “Hon’ (I) can te-ell from your axe-scent you’re not from the-ese pahts n your je-et lagged n all that, but puh-lease ne-ever ask for white cof-fee ’round here”


Очень интересная статья, спасибо автору, побольше такой информации. очень познавательно о кофе

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