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It Should Be Wrong …

I used to have a home made anti-stress ball, consisting of a flour filled balloon; it was made for me by one of the French students currently on industrial placement at work. I say used to as one of my colleagues managed to break it, which at least proved it really was a balloon filled with flour. Which is a shame as I was rather fond of it.

Dot Emacs

Emacs is almost infinately customisable; a fact I didn't really get to grips with this fact untill I found myself on a Fedora Core box a while back with a net connection but without my favourite set of keyboard short cuts. This really brought home how just a few simple customisations can come to be relied upon.

Determined never to be caught short in such a manner again I decided to make my .emacs permanently available, providing I have a net connection that is.

Fire Extinguished By Adium

After running with Fire as my primary IM app for the best part of a year, its finally been usurped by Adium. After running the two in parallel I found I liked the cleaner interface of Adium over that of Fire. I'd tried Adium in the past and found I couldn't take an app with a cute little duck as a mascot seriously, but Adium just seems more polished than Fire and seems to be vastly more customisable.

Fiore Bello

We've had a cactus plant sitting on our kitchen window-sill for the last three or so years; it hasn't done much apart from growing a bit occasionally. But after so much inactivity our unassuming cactus has decided to produce not one but three spectacular flowers. Based on past inactivity we probably won't see anymore for a few more years so a photo seemed to be in order. Sunday was a slow day.

Cactus Flower

OS X 10.4.6 Gives Momentary Heart Failure

I've just downloaded and installed the latest update for OS X via the Software Update utility. The update requires a system restart which isn't unexpected. What was unexpected was the second restart in the middle of the reboot sequence.

After my heart resumed something approaching its' normal rate I did what I should have done in the first place and read the update documentation. If I'd done this I should have spotted the key phrase:

With the Mac OS X 10.4.6 system software update, PowerPC-based Macs will restart twice, instead of once, after the initial installation.

No explanation as to why this was neccessary though.

This was also spotted, with similar cardiac effects, by todays edition of The Register.

Look Behind You

There used to be a time when, if you were driving on a motorway or dual carriageway, you looked in your rear view mirror and you would see, approaching rapidly, very rapidly, a Bedford Astramax van. You would be safe to make at least one of the following assumptions about this van.

  • It would be white.
  • It would be dirty.
  • Someone would have written, with cutting and incisive wit, in the dirt on the back of the van with their finger "also available in white", "clean me" or possibly "I wish my Missus was as dirty as this van".
  • It would have its headlights on whatever the hour of the day or night.
  • It would be trying to overtake you, regardless of the car you were driving and what speed you were currently doing.