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Good Customer Service? Surely Some Mistake

I freely admit that this is a sweeping generalisation but customer service in the US is generally quite good whereas customer service in the UK is really quite crap; it doesn't seem to give any form of service to the customer - which we seem to accept in the UK. Even for US companies which open operations in the UK the whole customer service ethic seems to be somewhat less that that offered by their US parent.

So I was sitting at my dining room table last weekend with my, work issued, MacBook Pro surfing the CBeebies site for In The Night Garden. This is for the benefit of my two year old son I hasten to add. He's particularly fond of this site as it's able to access the built-in iSight web cam that MacBooks and MacBook Pros have so he can see himself in the game for one of his favourite TV shows.

Expose Challenge

Expose Screen Grab The Unofficial Apple Weblog ran an article today ( pointing to this Flickr image ( made by someone with with far too many windows open on his Mac.

So what the hell ... let's join in; for those remotely interested here's my MacBook Pro running ... (One main windows and 2 smart folders), Firefox, SSH Tunnel Manager, SSH Keychain, Growl, GMail Notifier, Adium, iSync, Terminal, OmniGraffle Pro,, iTunes, Mac Word and smcFanControl

(Mostly) UNIX Quotes

Various quotes, mostly UNIX related, which I've accrued over the years from various sources.

Well my terminal's locked up and I ain't got any Mail And I can't recall the last time that my program didn't fail I've got stacks in my structs, I've got arrays in my queues I've got those: Segmentation violation -- Core dumped blues.

Hidden In Plain Sight

I had some hardware delivery to the office this morning; nothing too spectacular, just some disks and some memory. The delivery was taken and signed for by a colleague who works in our IS department and they'd checked that the consignment contained exactly what we'd ordered and paid for.

In order to do that, they'd had to open the box which, judging by the ripped, torn and otherwise mangled top of the box was quite a challenge.

Bilbo Spams My Inbox

As fast as an anti-spam mechanism appears on the net, the spammers try to find a way to circumvent it; recently I wrote about the attempt of spammers to try and create realistic sounding names in an attempt to bypass spam filters with unintentionally amusing results.

The latest weapon in the spammers arsenal seems to be inserting passages from works of popular fiction into mails in an attempt to defeat natural language heuristic checks, with passages from Tolkein's The Hobbit seeming to be a firm favourite, judging by the contents of my Junk Mail folder.